Smith-Induspac Ottawa serves the National Capital Region of Canada. Catering to a diverse economic fabric, we serve businesses in the electronics, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as a multitude of SMEs with varying needs. Their common denominator: the constant need to find the best available packaging solution.

Our close-knit team is always ready to meet your needs and collaborate on your proposed projects. Whether it's boxes, foam, wood, or a combination of these components for the same project, we have the expertise to fulfill your requests. The strength of the packaging structure is our top priority!

  • 50+ Years in business
  • 300+ Employees
  • 400K Square feet of manufacturing capacity

Discover our locations!

  • The Induspac Group brings together all of our factories specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom industrial packaging.

    • GAB Packaging in Candiac
    • Smith-Induspac in Ottawa
    • Smith-Induspac in Toronto
    • JP Carton in Longueuil
  • Les Emballages GAB

    GAB Packaging is located in Candiac, on the south shore of Montreal.

    • Established in 1973
    • Manufacturing in a 200,000 square foot facility
    • Production of small or large quantities
    • Custom packaging solutions
    • Industrial protective packaging
    • Experienced designers on-site
  • Smith-Induspac Ottawa

    Smith-Induspac Ottawa serves the National Capital Region of Canada.

    • Creativity in a diverse economic market
    • Multiple projects involving cardboard, foam, and wood
    • Small to medium-sized businesses
    • Experienced staff
    • Optimal packaging solutions
    • Handling small to large-scale development projects
  • Smith-Induspac Toronto

    Smith-Induspac Toronto is located in Mississauga, at the heart of the large industrial sector.

    • Medium to large businesses
    • Expertise in quick execution
    • Just-in-time deliveries
    • Specialization in the automotive industry
    • Space for client project kit assembly
    • Experienced and dedicated team
  • JP Carton

    JP Carton is located in Longueuil, on the south shore of Montreal.

    • Large production capacity
    • Serving major industry distributors
    • State-of-the-art machinery
    • Team attentive to needs
    • Well-organized and efficient production facility
    • Short turnaround times