Industrial packaging is our know-how!

For over 50 years, Smith-Induspac Toronto has developed a unique expertise in designing and manufacturing customized industrial packaging. As one of the leaders of the sector, we are proud to serve amongst the largest manufacturers in Canada.

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For over 50 years, entities within the Induspac Group have proudly served an impressive clientele who require quality custom industrial packaging.

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Here are some examples of our expertise in delivering innovative packaging solutions. Each of them have been designed to specifically meet the needs of our customers and protect their products efficiently.

Better packaging for better consumption

Environmental commitment

Cardboard, polyethylene foam and wood are recyclable!

  • All our corrugated boxes are made with over 98% recycled fiber
  • The ink used for all our printing is made of water
  • All of our cardboard waste is recovered, compressed into bales, and returned to the paper mills where it is used as the main ingredient in new cardboard sheets
  • Unlike Styrofoam, the polyethylene foams we use are recyclable
  • All our foam scraps are recovered, compressed and returned to the manufacturers who remelt it to make new material
  • Wood is obviously a natural material that can be reused many times

Like you, we care about the environment. We are proud that our work is making packaging greener, for the good of the whole planet!

environmental commitment
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