Bulk Containers

Induspac has the Corrugated Box or the Flexible Bulk Container (polymer bag) for you!

Corrugated Boxes

Since 1973, we have been manufacturing a complete line of domestic and export corrugated boxes as well as bulk containers:

  • Double-wall laminated to single and double-wall
  • Triple-wall laminated to double-wall and triple-wall
  • Triple-wall grades
  • Set up box assemblies

Induspac has the expertise and capabilities to service all your needs, for all types of export bulk products.

Flexible Bulk Containers / Polymer Bags

To meet and exceed customer's expectations, we also offer a complete line of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), which are weaved and stitched polymer extrusion.  These heavy duty bags are manufactured within your specifications and dimensions and are highly suitable for items which require careful handling while loading and unloading.

With these two product lines, Induspac is able to provide a wide array of solutions for its customers’ applications in industries such as: 

  • Petrochemical
  • Resin
  • Mining
  • Cement              
  • Agricultural       
  • Food    
  • Pharmaceutical               
  • Bulk handling   
  • Furniture
  • Meat producers
  • Agro-industries
  • Metal (powder and sheeting)
  • Plastic (resin and molded parts)
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