Protective Packaging

Induspac offers a large variety of protective packaging solutions, from as simple as a corrugated box to a multi-material assembled pack.

Our experienced team will propose the best solutions based on your specific criteria:

  • Low cost solutions         
  • Fragility level    
  • Distribution cycle           
  • Packing and unpacking process               
  • Environmental considerations 
  • Static control


Over the years, Induspac developed an expertise designing packs that provide the most effective solutions at a lower cost by maximizing the properties of different materials. The most common packs combine cardboard with foams or thermoformed plastic inserts but also honeycomb, wood or metal.


Regular or anti-static in low density (1.0 lb) for fragile products or high densities P.E. (up to 9 lb) for your heavier requirements. They offer the most flexible solutions for high performance packaging applications.


Developed for specialty and/or high performance applications "X-link Polyolefin Foam Cellular Elastomers" are the answer to thousands of packaging problems from insulation and sound barrier to surface protection, reusable container, etc.


Expanded polystyrene foams in 1 lb and 2 lb densities, regular or anti-static, can be shaped into various forms.


Both « strong and light » and « environmentally friendly », Hexacomb sheets offer a multitude of possible packaging applications.

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